Slip Gas Analyser (SCR / SNCR) - NH3, NOx, SO2

Multi gas analyzer which measures NOx, SO2, NH3 by UV DOAS (UV absorption) measuring principle, which features almost no interference by moisture and particles. Best suited for process monitoring such as SCR/FGD, and also applicable for CEMS.

  • The Analyser is based on Ultraviolet Difference Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) Technology.
  • Simultaneous measurements for two components among NOx, SO2, and NH3
  • Features almost no interference by moisture and particles as it uses UV light source
  • NOx converter is not required as it measures NO and NO2 separately
  • Enclosure level up to IP66 and NEMA4X
  • Real Gas Calibration using patented Auto Calibration Unit, ACU

Power plant / Petrochemical / Oil and Gas Glass / Ceramics / Maritime / Boiler

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