Online Syngas Analyser

Syngas (synthesis gas), which is also called as coal gas or producer gas, is a kind of combustible gas mixture of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen, mainly generated by passing air with steam over burning coke or coal in a gasifier and used as fuel for different industries like steel making, cement, power plant, and other high fuel consumption industries.

Online syngas analyzer can be used for measurement of the concentration of up to 6 gases such as CO, CO2, H2, O2, CH4, CnHm, C2H2 and C2H4 simultaneously, and calculate the gas heating value (caloric value) and N2 balance automatically. It is the best tool to help you:

  • To check whether the gas is still being produced to decide the feedstock cycle and the best ratio.
  • To check the quality of the gas being produced prior to use in some industrial process.
  • To check the quality of the gas and optimize the gasification technical process.
    • Adopts international advanced NDIR and TCD gas analysis technology.
    • Can measure the concentration of CO, CO2, CH4, H2, O2, CnHm simultaneously.
    • CnHm gas has no interference with CH4 measuring result.
    • Precisely measure CO content in high concentration CO2
    • H2 reading by patented Thermal Conductivity Detecting technology, with compensation for the interference effects of the CO, CO2 ,CH4 measured.
    • No effect from flow fluctuation on H2 reading
    • Online Heating Value calculation in real time, freely switchable between MJ / m³ or kcal / m³, and between HHV or LHV.
    • Modular sensor design ensures easy operation and maintenance.
    • Standard 19’’ 3U industrial enclosure design, easily to be integrated into different kind of industrial systems.
    • With LCD display to indicate all data index and tactile keypad easy for operation.
    • Integrated RS232/RS485 digital output and 4-20mA analog output, easy to be acquired by project center controlling system and satisfy the continuous monitoring demand.
    • Equipped with sample gas flow meter and needle valve to regulate the inlet gas flow and internal gas filter to protect the gas sensor from impurities.
    • With constant temperature enclosure for NDIR and TCD sensors to avoid influence by temperature fluctuation and improve the measurement accuracy.
    • With function of auto-zeroing with in-built auto-zero pump, efficiently decrease the calibration frequency.
    • New generation modular syngas analyzer has equipped with a Bluetooth module. Assist with a Smartphone APP software, it can realize remote control, data download, and remote online diagnosis function in the near future.

    It is widely used in various applications from lab research scale to industrial scale, including energy production field, steel making processes, chemical conversion and oil & gas explore applications.

    • Energy production: Biomass or coal gasification /pyrolysis, Waste to Energy, Plasma gasification
    • Steel making: Blast furnace, Converter, Coking, Direct iron ore smelting reduction processes, Heat treatment
    • Chemical conversion: Hydrogen, Methanol, Ammonia and other chemicals
    • Oil & gas explore applications: Natural Gas, Coal Bed Gas, Biomethane, Mud logging

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