Environmental Particulate Samplers

Two types of pumps and 3 types of samplers are available

Environmental Air Sampling Pump

  • Compact and lightweight pump.
  • Flow range: 5 to 5000 ml/min.
  • Low flows from 5 to 500 ml/min require a kit.
  • With Li-Ion battery.
  • Provides powerful flows for particulate sampling, low flows for gas and vapor sampling, and the long run-times for low concentration sampling.

Compact Air Sampling Pump

  • Offers a flow range of 5 to 3000 ml/min.
  • Economical alkaline battery operation.
  • Over 10-hour run times for sampling gases and vapors and particulates.
  • Maintains sample integrity.
  • Optional timer.
  • Ideal for abatement, indoor air sampling, and emergency response in non-hazardous locations

Personal Environmental Monitor (PEM) Sampler

  • Small, lightweight inertial impaction sampler for measuring PM10 or PM2.5 in indoor air.
  • The PM2.5 and PM10 PEM models are each available in (2, 4, and 10 L/min) flow rates.

Button Aerosol Sampler

  • Porous curved-surface inlet. Designed for better sampling of inhalable dust, including bioaerosols for viable or non-viable analysis.
  • For low-level personal or area sampling of inhalable dust.
  • Use with AirChek Series Sample Pump at 4 L/min.

IOM Inhalable Sampler

  • Original, Gold standard, IOM Inhalable Sampler.
  • Convenient removable filter cassette is weighed before & after sampling to eliminates wall losses.
  • Use with AirChek Series Sample Pump at 2 L/min.
  • Plastic IOM for gravimetric sampling. Autoclavable SS for chemical analysis & bioaerosol sampling.
  • For particulate sampling, gas sampling and vapour sampling

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