Personal Particulate Sampling Media

st technology available, each backed by decades of expertise and trusted technical support..

Filters & Cassettes

  • Membrane Filters (MCE, PVC, PTFE, Polycarbonate, Silver), Depth Filters (Glass, Quartz, Cellulose), Coated (Treated) Filters and Cassettes (Asbestos, DPM) are available with various pore sizes & diameters suitable for different applications viz., metal dust, alkaline dust, asbestos, Cr+6, Br, aromatics, Isocyanates, Silica, aerosols, diesel PM etc.

Filter Cassette Holder

  • Can be attached to person's collar for sampling in the breathing zone. Lightweight. Available in different sizes

Respirable Dust Cyclones

  • Aluminium: Specified in NIOSH methods for silica and respirable dust. Provides sharp size selection. Eliminates electrostatic problems of non-conductive nylon cyclones. ISO @ 2.5L/min
  • Plastic: Lightweight. Conductive. Secures a collection filter in its reusable snap-together cassette for optimum sampling. ISO @ 3.0L/min
  • GS3: Multiple inlets. Conductive plastic construction. Eliminates ambient wind speed, orientation sensitivity & electrostatic effects of nylon cyclone. ISO @ 2.75L/min
  • To use with personal sampling pumps for monitoring exposure of workforce to chemicals at workplace

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