Flash and Fire Point Tester

The Flash and Fire Point Tester measures and describes the properties of a sample in response to heat and a test flame under controlled conditions. The flash point measures the tendency to form a flammable mixture with air while the fire point indicates the tendency of sustained burning. It automatically determines the flash and fire point of samples such as lubricants, silicone oils, residual fuels, and bitumen. The instrument provides user-friendly measurements according to the fully integrated open-cup standard flash and fire point methods. User-defined flash and fire point tests can be performed as well.

  • Test initiation by pre-installed standard test methods and ability to customize methods by 10 user-defined programs.
  • Measures flash points of silicone samples without any problems
  • Automatically lights up the test flame, relights it by an electric igniter and suppresses the gas source at the end of the test
  • Menu navigation by jog shuttle system with easy turn-and-push operation and color-coded LED indication for each operation mode
  • 5.7” color graphics display shows real-time measurement
  • Statistical analysis (Min, Max, Mean, Repeatability)
  • Alert messages for out-of-spec results
  • Data handling via USB stick for import into MS Excel® or to LIMS
  • Memory for 1000 tests, 20 operators, 100 sample names, 21 test methods
  • Pt100 sample temperature probe calibration either by dynamic calibration against certified ASTM thermometer or by correction table with 21 calibration points.
  • Calibration protocol printout
  • PC-software FPPNet (optional) for convenient remote handling and test data storage
  • Automatic skin removal kit (optional)
  • Draft deflector (optional)
  • Stainless steel or glass (optional) sample temperature probe Pt100
  • Oil refineries
  • Petrochemicals
  • Automobiles

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