Stack Moisture Monitor

The stack moisture monitor adopts advanced Solid State Zirconia Electrolyte Measurement Technology. The core sensor employs structure design of high-temperature resistance (max temperature of 900oC) that can work stably in high temperature environment for long term. The product features high temperature resistance, high measuring accuracy, strong corrosion resistance, fast response and stable performance, etc. It can be widely applied to continuous online measurement of exhaust gas humidity and oxygen in thermal power plants, chemical plants, steel works and cement works.

  • Long-term use under high temperature ( 250oC) flue gas environment
  • Meet integrated online monitoring requirements of humidity and oxygen
  • Probe adopts special material with stronger anti-corrosion capability
  • IP65, suitable for heavy weather out of doors
  • Simple operation, long service life, easy maintenance
  • Support 485 modbus protocol, meet environmental requirements
  • Humidity and oxygen can be calibrated at site, guaranteeing measuring accuracy

To monitor the stack emissions continuously for air pollution from industries.

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