Zirconia Oxygen Analyzers

Designed for continuous measurement of oxygen in combustion and other industrial processes, as well as for reference values in emission measurements.

  • High quality zirconium sensors, reinforced platinum electrode layer.
  • Simple installation and operation - 4-key user interface controlling all functions.
  • Direct integration into the plant control system.
  • On-site service and maintenance - all parts can be replaced

Wide range of products, distinguished by performance and quality :

  • Low-temperature oxygen analyser - Combined Version: Control unit is integrated with probe. Easy & Low cost.
  • Low-temperature oxygen analyser - Separated Version: Up to 700oC. Reading displayed remotely.
  • High-temperature oxygen analyser (in-situ): Up to 1250oC. with Variety of probe lengths and protective covers.
  • Oxygen analyser certified for use in hazardous (in-situ) areas: Housed in a special protective cover that allows it to be installed in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • Modular oxygen analyser (extractive): For continuous measurement of oxygen concentrations in exhaust gas emission centers. Designed for installation in a measuring cabinet.

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