Portable Leak Detectors

Leak Detectors are an innovative, portable natural gas detector for easy gas pipe survey and gas leak detection.

The integrated proprietary infrared sensor system (patents pending) has a fast reaction and short recovery time. The system prevents false leak alarms and ensures correct and fast leak evaluation. The specially developed Gas Chromatograph (GC) and IR-sensor combination allows fast distinction between swamp gas and natural gas. It gives fast test results, even at low ethane concentrations, from 1000 ppm methane leaks. It is able to measure methane according to the traditional operating modes, such as "Inspection above-ground" and "Measuring bar holes". The range is from 1 ppm to 100 Vol. %.

Together with an innovative probe system specially designed for natural gas leak detection - allows for easy and effective survey of gas pipelines.

  • Methane-specific measurement with IR-technology
  • Distinction between natural gas and marsh gas with GC and IR-sensor
  • Fast Ethane and Propane Analysis
  • High sensitivity, quick reaction and short recovery time thanks to the integrated proprietary IR-sensor system
  • Weatherproof IP54
  • Measurements possible even in tough environments thanks to its robust housing
  • Pinpointing leaks with a minimum of bar holes
  • Integrated GPS chip allows reliable location tracking
  • Wireless communication system for easy data transfer
  • Light and easy to move around for maximum ergonomics
  • Modular, light and innovative accessories
  • Fast charging - 1 h gives 4 h operation
  • Natural gas pipelines survey
  • Emergency situations

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