Personal Safety Gas Detectors

Single and Multi Gas Detectors are available in compact sizes which can be worn by workforce to monitor specific or group of gases in industries.

Personal VOC Detector

  • Compact, personal wireless monitor.
  • Reliable, rugged, and intrinsically safe
  • PID sensor accurately monitors over 300 VOC’s.
  • Built-in library of 190 correction factors for automatic reading in equivalent units.
  • 5-way local and remote wireless alarm
  • Water, dust and shock-resistant
  • Built-in man down alarm

Personal CO2 Detector

  • IR Sensor Technology
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery. 14days of use by one fully charge
  • Measured by %vol and ppm
  • Lightweight – 135g
  • Back-light display
  • Automatic alarm record
  • Easy configuration and data management via PC program
  • Configurable Calibration, Bump test, Self test due warning

Single Gas Detectors

  • Single replaceable gas detector designed to detect oxygen deficiency and presence of toxic gas.
  • Detects O2, CO, H2S, H2, SO2, NH3, NO2.
  • Continuously monitors & alerts user using LED, vibration and alarms.
  • Excellent water / dust proof structure.
  • Easy check & calibration via Docking Station.

Multi Gas Detectors

  • Measures 4-6 major gases, which cause most of the industrial accidents, to protect workers from the disasters caused by the Oxygen deficiency, Toxic gas poisoning and gas explosion.
  • Detects O2, CO, H2S & Combustible Gas (CH4).
  • Continuously monitors & alerts user using LED, vibration and alarms.
  • Intrinsic Safety.
  • Easy check & calibration via Docking Station.
  • Optional Plug and Play Sensors.
  • Personal safety applications in various industries viz., Refineries, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Mining and Quarrying, Cement, Iron and Steel, Automobiles, Pharma, Paper and Pulp etc.

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