High Quality Water Purification System

The Autwomatic Plus 1+2 Desktop Water Purification System is able to produce three qualities of water from tap water: Type I Water (Ultrapure Water), Type II Water (Pure Water) and Type III (Osmotized / RO Water )

According to ASTM standards, of the highest quality, from three independent dispensers, including the highest technologies for production and quality control of Puri¬fied Water.

  • Meets ASTM standards.
  • Displays Resistivity, Conductivity and Temperature of Water Inlet and outlet parameters.
  • Continuous, Volume & Time control modes of water dispensing.
  • Parameter Control: Hours of operation, Total liters produced etc.
  • Automation of Instrument warns about the change of consumables as well as abnormalities such as inlet water cut, or malfunction of the measuring sensors.
  • Data output to USB.
  • Equipment calibrated by certified standard traceable to national standards of German DKD
  • Easy to use and maintain system
  • Ultrapure Water (Type I): Molecular Biology, Cell Culture, PCR, DNA sequencing, Monoclonal Antibody Production.
  • Purified Water (Type II): Preparation of microbiological culture media, Preparation of reagents and buffers, RIA / ELISA, Atomic Absorption-Flame, Spectrophotometry.
  • Osmotic Water (Type III): Feeding of autoclaves and cleaning equipment, Cleaning glassware material.

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